Never forget these ten important quotes from Pope Francis at World Youth Day 2023/ Lisbon-Portugal

Pope Francis was in Portugal for six days for World Youth Day (WYD) Lisbon 2023. Several speeches, homilies, greetings, and blessings were given to the “sea of young people” who came to WYD Lisbon 2023. From these moments, we highlight ten takeaway quotes:

  1. “Have the courage, then, to replace your doubts with dreams. Replace your doubts with dreams: do not remain hostage to your fears, but set about working to realize your goals!”
  2. “In the Church there is room for everyone. “Father, but I am a wretch, is there room for me? There is room for everyone! All together now, everyone, repeat with me in your own language: Everyone, everyone, everyone.”
  3. “Dear friends, if God calls you by name, it means that for God none of us is a number, but a face and a heart.”
  4. “This is the starting point of World Youth Day, but above all it is the starting point of our lives. Young men and women, we are loved the way we are, without makeup.”
  5. “That is the only time, the only time that we are allowed to look down upon others, when we are offering to help them up.”
  6. Mary’s joy is twofold: she had just received the angel’s message that she would welcome the Redeemer of the world, and she was also given the news that her cousin was pregnant. This is interesting: instead of thinking about herself, she thinks of the other. Why? Because joy is missionary, joy is not just for one person, it is for sharing something with others.”
  7. “Nothing is free in life, everything has to be paid for. Only one thing is free: the love of Jesus! So, with this free gift that we have – the love of Jesus – and with the desire to carry on the journey, let us walk in hope, let us be mindful of our roots, and move forwards, without fear.”
  8. Yet, I would like to tell you that we do not radiate light by putting ourselves in the spotlight, for that type of light is blinding. No, we cannot illumine others by projecting a perfect, well-ordered. No, we radiate light – we shine – by welcoming Jesus into our hearts and learning to love as he does.”
  9. Those who love do not stand idly by, but serve others. Those who love hasten to serve, hasten to dedicate themselves to the service of others.”
  10. “I want to tell you: carry on, keep riding the waves of love, of charity. Be ‘surfers’ of love!”

“Rubyiruko nkunda, mbaragije umusaraba wa Kristu, muwuheke nk’ikimenyetso cy’urukundo Nyagasani Yezu akunda abantu”..:Ihuriro ry’urubyiruko Gatolika imbuto y’iminsi mpuzamahanga y’urubyiruko (JMJ)

Nimuhumure isi narayitsinze  (Yh 16, 33)

Umutima w’umuntu waremewe Imana nta nikindi kintu gishobora kunyura umutima we atari Imana: Inyigisho ya Arkiyepiskopi wa Kigali isoza ihuriro Gatolika ry’urubyiruko ku rwego rw’Igihugu (23-27 Kanama 2023)


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